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Trifekta’s Hefty Price Tag

Living with Cystic Fibrosis



After analysing Vertex’s financial statements, Cheri concluded that Vertex has recouped all its Research and Development (R&D) costs spent, not only on CF related drugs but also on other non-CF related drugs, since 2004 by selling CFTR modulators. The pharmaceuticals’ profits have soared since the FDA approved Trikafta in 2019. The latest financial statements show a healthy $11 billion cash on its balance sheet without any debt.

Cheri’s Economic Expert Witness concluded that it costs Vertex circa $6,000 to manufacture Trikafta for one CF patient annually.

“I will let this sink in for a bit. Cost of $6,000 vs a selling price of $322,000. This is equal to a gross profit margin of 98% and a product mark-up in access of 5000%.”

Putting time and effort into researching potential life-saving drugs, moves society forward. However, we find ourselves in a place where the pendulum has swung way beyond the point of reasonability. The pendulum is at the extreme point where maximum financial profits are being made at the cost of many lives. This is the true example of Big Pharma.

Cheri simply wants this pendulum to swing from a point of super profits and saving a small amount of lives to a point of reasonable profits and saving many lives.